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Campaign: City Owned Property

City owned property layer

Public Works and other departments have an interest in having access to a layer with city properties shown. This layer already exists but engineering needs to verify it includes all city-owned properties. We would also be interested in hearing what fields other staff would be interested in including. Our thoughts so far are address, links to deed/docs/plats, department responsible for maintenance?, date property was acquired, ...more »

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Campaign: Agreements


Public Works and Community Development are interested in a layer showing all agreements such as:

Local Agency Agreements, Annexation Agreements, Recaptures, Letters of Credit, Boundary Line Agreements.

This would be helpful to allow departments to better manage land use and development.


Who creates/maintains information: Community Development


Who has access: all city staff

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Campaign: Emergency Routes

Priority and Emergency Routes

Public Works suggested expanding the city's current snow route layer to serve as a priority and emergency route layer with the capability of displaying routes for specific purposes such as snow removal. This information would be critical to also have during an emergency.


Who creates/maintains the data: engineering/streets/community development/fire/police


Who has access: all city staff

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Campaign: Parking Facilities

Parking Layer

The city currently has a layer showing all parking lots - both public and private - within the city. The existing layer does have a field designating if the lot is public or private. There is also a field labeled "clean" but it is not clear what this is intended to mean. It would be helpful to have the following added to this layer: number of spaces and type of parking spaces restrictions Who creates/maintains the ...more »

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Campaign: Buildings


Community Development suggested we add information to our existing building layer. The current data set has building type (such as single family, apartment, etc) and address. The department asked to have links to building photos added and to establish an address policy for linking documents and photos. They also suggested adding building permit information, building date, architect, building type, significance rating ...more »

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Campaign: Planned Unit Developments

Planned Unit Developments

Community Development is interested in a layer showing all planned unit developments. The city currently has a subdivision layer that currently only holds the subdivision name and year subdivided. This could be expanded to indicate if it is actually a PUD and could include other fields such as links to amendments, and indication of preliminary and final status. Who creates/maintains data: community development Who ...more »

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Campaign: Stormwater

Detention Basins/outfall structures

Public Works would be interested in having a layer showing all detention basins/outfall structures and other stormwater management facilities such as bioswales. This information could be tied to maintenance agreements and other related documents.


Who maintains data: engineering/community development?


Who has access: all city staff

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Campaign: Elevations


The engineering division would like to see a layer for benchmarks. This would be helpful to anyone doing surveying that needs vertical control. Although engineering currently has a list of benchmarks, they have not yet been verified as a network.


Who collects/maintains this information: engineering


Who has access: all city staff - would also be helpful to publish this for public use with proper disclaimers.

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Campaign: Signs

Create a Layer for City Signs

Public Works would like to see a layer with information about city signs. This can be used to help us become compliant with the new reflectivity requirements. Street and/or engineering can work on collecting the information.


Who updates the info: public works - streets


Who can access the info: all city staff

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Campaign: Road Condition

Create a layer showing current road surface conditions

Idea: We need a layer that will show the surface condition for each section of roadway. This is used to help determine the road program each year. It will also allow other departments to plan their projects.


Dept. responsible for data: This layer would need to be updated on a continuous basis by engineering staff.


Who needs to see it: The layer should be accessible to all city staff

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Campaign: School Districts

Jurisdictional Boundaries

Community Development is interested in viewing layers showing jurisdicational boundaries for entities such as school and park districts. This is currently available through the data we receive from Kane County. If there is something we can add unique to our city, we can further develop our own layers for these features.


Current data from: county


Who has access: all city staff with GIS software

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Campaign: IEPA Permits

Create Layer for IEPA Permits

Public Works is interested in having a layer showing all IEPA permits for water, sanitary, and stormwater. This would be helpful to the department because it will show the loadings and will also help us keep track of when lines were permitted. For stormwater it helps us keep track of who has an NPDES permit and when it expires. We could also attach the stormwater management plans to this. Who updates the info: engineering ...more »

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